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Chattr, is it a CRM system?

A CRM function is one of the many services offered by the chat platform Chattr.

Customers' updated information is immediately mirrored across the system thanks to the CRM features. You can use the program once your contact details have been entered. All client data, such as meeting or call notes, documents posted to the contact profile, and other information, may be accessible from a single screen.

How much does Chattr require me to pay to use the system?

Chattr is very cost-effective. We provide a wide range of plans. There is a free plan with fewer features. We also offer subscription plans with varying features commensurate with the plan chosen. To take full advantage of all of Chattr's features and benefits, you may want to upgrade to a subscription package.

I want to use the system. Can l use the free plan without ever upgrading?

Of course, The free plan is indefinite and never expires. However, it lacks some of the features found in the other paid plans. If you need to send additional emails or SMS after going over the limit on a free plan, you can always purchase SMS and email credits.

What are the main features of Chattr?

Chattr offers the following features :

  • Contacts and CRM features
  • Email and instant messaging features
  • Marketing features
  • Reports and support features

Is there an active support platform for Chattr?

YES, Chattr has a central helpdesk to handle incoming client complaints. In order to organise and keep track of ongoing customer complaints, Chattr uses a ticketing system. The performance of your client staff can be managed by using efficiency data from the helpdesks. Chattr provides help through live chat, email, phone, and SMS. Anytime you get in touch with our customer support team, we will reply with all the details you need to know.

What does marketing by email, SMS, and instant messages entail?

Chattr's email, SMS, and instant message marketing strategy is focused on giving clients value and developing connections. Marketing emails are more likely to be read if brands are known for providing useful information. Chattr integrated with your CRM allows you to monitor the efficacy of your messages.

How can l determine whether the emails or SMSs l sent to my clients actually reached them?

By examining the open, click, and response rates, you may determine who is reading your emails by using a dashboard with simple-to-read graphic data that we've developed. These reports can be seen on any device, including a computer and a smartphone. The reports can be distributed to your co-workers as well.

You can examine how your email campaigns affect the traffic to your website and ultimately your sales thanks to the connection between Chattr and Google Analytics.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel a monthly or yearly subscription that you have already paid for. You are always free to end it. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you won't be charged for the next month or year. Your current subscription plan will remain in effect until it expires.

Can I send or respond to customers' messages on Chattr without being an administrator?

Yes, anyone on the team who has been given access to the chat can respond to clients’ messages.

If I get new messages in my inbox, will I get a notification?

Yes, just make sure you enable Chattr browser notifications. If it makes you more responsive, you can also decide to get an email or SMS when a new message arrives.

Is there a limit in the number of rows or columns that can be imported at a given time?

When uploading, there is no restriction on the number of rows or columns.

Is it possible to deploy a campaign to every contact at once?

Chattr offers filter settings that you can set up before sending the campaign if you decide to send it to all of your contacts. If you decide to send the campaign to both subscribers and non-subscribers, check both of the boxes (subscribers and non-subscribers) on the filter tab to include everyone.

Can I import my customer order and sale data history to Chattr?

Your previous sales data and customer orders can be imported into the Chattr system. You will have access to the data at your fingertips.

Can l import contacts from a spreadsheet or text file to Chattr?

We provide template files that may be downloaded and used to import excel and CSV templates and collect contact information. To import your client contacts into the system, you can either upload a file or utilise a link to access an existing template.

On Chattr, can I create contact groups?

Create your contact groups or list with the ability to sort and divide them into categories that are useful and significant to you. To communicate in a highly personalised way, you can cut and dice tiny pieces of your information using our list tool. Additionally, you may track the performance of that micro-segment as well as the expansion or contraction of a particular targeted segment using the performance aspects.

Can I automate my clients' SMS, email, and instant messages?

We also have automation, which is a fantastic feature. You can set a time for the delivery of emails, SMS messages, and newsletters. Additionally, you can modify and terminate planned campaigns. With Chattr, you have access to a function that lets you automate marketing-related tasks, giving you more time to concentrate on marketing tactics. Additionally, it will provide you the chance to enhance and personalise the content of your emails.