Chattr | Features

Email & Instant Messaging

Email Delivery

1 Excellent email deliverability

We monitor our email delivery system to guarantee that our users’ emails arrive on time, with multi-threaded, high throughput multi-SMTP e-mail queues for super-fast campaign delivery.

2 Chat feature

Chattr provides you with a chat tool feature that allows you to answer queries from your inbox to a customer. You can also monitor what page your customers are on at any given time and immediately communicate with them. You can manage client chats so that no one is kept waiting for lengthy periods.

3 Templates management and image library

Choose from our library and customise or build your own. Personalise your SMS, email, and instant messaging templates by adding your logos or branding and save them for future use. Create sophisticated, dynamic e-mail templates with Go templating in addition to the WYSIWYG editor

4 Secure encrypted communications

Chattr provides an end-to-end encryption capability that protects messages from being intercepted or read by unauthorised individuals by default.