Chattr | Features

Contacts & CRM


1 Contacts/contact timeline

Chattr provides you with the feature to track all your customers’ web page visits, emails they opened and interactions they had via their personal emails, making that information visible for you, to utilise to create a report that will assist you and your clients in improving your marketing initiatives. You can see all your contact’s entire engagement history and interactions with your company. Before your website even knows who the contact is, you can start tracking their movements.

2 Customer relationship management

Customers’ updated details reflect instantly across the system. After you've entered your contact information, you may start using the software. From a single screen, all customer information, including notes from previous meetings or calls, and documents uploaded to the contact profile, can be accessed.

3 Custom / individualised forms

Customise your customer’s sign-up forms by adding your company logo. The form customisation feature allows you to include your social media handles. You can also sync your contact list from your mobile devices to your Chattr account. You can now keep your data current across all of your platforms.

4 Subscription management

We have a subscription management service that automates your billing processes, ensuring that you always know how and when your payments will be handled. Every step of the client lifecycle is handled automatically, whether it's an initial purchase, a monthly fee, or a modification in a customer's plan.

5 Effortlessly create contact groups/lists

Create your contact groups/list so that you may sort and separate them in a way that is convenient and relevant to you. Our list tool allows you to slice and dice tiny segments of your information to communicate in a hyper-personalised manner. Not only that, but the performance elements also allow you to track the performance of that micro-segment, as well as the growth or decline of a single targeted segment

6 Import contacts from a spreadsheet or text file

We offer template files that may be downloaded and used to harvest contact data and import excel and CSV templates. You can upload a file or use a link to refer to an existing template to import your customer contacts into the system.