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1 Targeted Email marketing

We offer email marketing tools that are simple to use and comprehensive. You can send thousands of emails using the in-built email builder. This allows for smarter email marketing as you collect data on response, open, and click rates. The templates can be customised by adding your company's name, contact address, and phone number.

Our email marketing solution uses the contacts from our CRM system. We store all email responses, so when sales reps need to reach out to a contact, they may review their prior contacts with the organisation.

2 SMS marketing

Thanks to a tremendous spike in the number of smartphone users. You are guaranteed that your message will be read by your target market.

You can send mass(bulk) messages to your contacts list and send SMS regarding time-sensitive features using the SMS marketing function. Simply write a message, select a distribution list, and send it.

You may personalise all of the messages by including contact information like the company name, client name and other details. This tool will assist you in communicating important information to your consumers.

You can use our program to track your SMS campaigns and see how well your messages are performing. We provide you with real-time client engagement data to see whether your campaign needs to be improved further.

3 SMS, email, and instant messaging Automation

Automation is one more amazing feature we offer. You can schedule to send emails, SMS, and newsletters at a specified time. You can also reschedule and cancel scheduled campaigns

For certain activities, you may establish rules and criteria. Organising contacts, sending SMS messages, emails, and updating the database are examples of trigger activities. To make a great first impression, send them automated messages with a promo coupon when they sign up.

Chattr provides you with the feature that allows you to automate activities for your marketing strategies, giving you ample time to focus on marketing techniques. This will also provide you the opportunity to improve and customise the content of your emails.