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Multiple Channels

1 Dashboards

Chattr provides you with an advanced dashboard that allows you to see how you're doing in terms of marketing and revenue at a glance. It's a daily reminder that keeps you on track and on schedule to accomplish your targets, whether it's traffic, leads, sales rep activity, or pipeline goals.

2 Reports and analytics

All communication reports can be managed and seen. Keep a step ahead of the competition by analysing email campaigns using complex, easy-to-understand data, and insights. We provide you with comprehensive reports that contain all the data you need to improve the performance of future campaigns.

You can view sales data (activity, contacts formed, transactions concluded), marketing data (traffic, prospects, and customers), and analytics data (sessions, bounce rate, traffic source) all in one tool.

You can track where your website visitors come from and how long they spend on your site."

We have created a dashboard with easy-to-understand graphic reports so that you can detect who is reading your emails by looking at the open, click, and response rates. These reports may be seen on any platform, from a computer to a mobile phone. It can also be shared with your co-workers.

Chattr is linked to Google Analytics, enabling you to see how your email campaigns affect your site traffic and, eventually, your sales.

3 Dedicated Support team

Contact our customer service staff at any time, and we will respond with all of the information you require.