From Cave Paintings to Holograms: The Evolution of Communication and How to Stay Connected with Your Community

From Cave Paintings to Holograms: The Evolution of Communication and How to Stay Connected with Your Community

We all know that communication is imperative for everyone not only in general but also in their workplace and personal life. Some individuals would draw the conclusion that without communication it would be difficult to function in the modern-day world. Technology, especially social media, has played a part in making constant communication a common thing amongst us and we are always plugged into something to service this purpose. In this article, we will investigate how communication has changed over the seasons and what is the best method to use to stay connected with those we consider to be part of our community.

When we had to maintain social distancing for our own safety, a lot of people reached out social media to feel connected to the outside world and that is true about communication today. We often feel like there is something missing if we have not been in constant contact with our community, especially those we consider to be friends, or colleagues. A famous quote by Paul J, Meyer says “Communication - the human connection- is the key to personal and career success” and this is fundamental to ensure that we all are performing at our optimal best. Communication comes in different forms. History has mentioned how humans used smoke signals, stone tables and even animal skin to important aspect. 

In modern times, we have been exposed to post, phone, text, email and now access to social media, which has changed the way we communicate with each other. We do not know what the future holds when it comes to how we communicate but the current technology would play a part in where we end up. The history of how people used to communicate. As far back as the BC era, humans used to communicate using stone tablets with images on them. This was one of the first forms of written communication which dates to 3300 BC and can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia as the origins of the first human civilization. 

One of the known examples of early communication amongst humans is the Kish tablet which was discovered to have inscriptions on it. Also, the Egyptians had a very distinct and ingenious way of communication. They used hieroglyphs which were specific to them as a nation and how they communicated. Hieroglyphs was used not only by the Egyptians but also the surrounding nations to write on papyrus reed plant found along the Nile River There also have been other artifacts found by archaeologists as examples of how communication used to occur amongst humans. This includes carved writings on dried untanned animal skin which is known as parchment. Parchment was derived from animal skin like that of the sheep, calf, or goats because of how easy it would be to manipulate. Vellum is a finer quality parchment because it uses the untanned skin of young animals like that of the lamb, goats, and calf to make pages. This is used to make books as it requires several pages to form a book. Parchment had an entire process which is unique to it make it easy to write on. The phone, text, email, and even social media. 

 With technology producing phones that are like computers in your hands communicating using them has become the easiest, as we always have a phone in our hands most of the day. Having access to the various platforms has assisted us to maintain communication as a constant feature in our daily lives. One tool I have enjoyed using personally and which has made communicating int he workplace something that anyone can master is Chattr with the amazing features it possesses. From bulk texts, to emails, to automated messaging and even the reports and dashboards that are available to the user, I have really enjoyed the marvels of Chattr and how it makes this part of my life so effortless. However, when we think about how trouble free Chattr can make using your phone that much easier, we are able to see why it is one of the best tools. This is what Chattr does, it connects us to the outside world through communication and making sure that we remain linked through the fast-paced lives that we live.


How you can use Chattrto make communication in the modern-day a breeze Chattr has the ability to add groups within your contacts to make direct communication with certain persons within your contact list. This would be handy as most of us use our contacts for personal and business use. The last thing you want is to send an unsuspecting person a message that is not meant for them to view, which we all have fallen victim to. Not only are you able to put your contacts into groups but you can also name those groups so that you know exactly the functionality each group has within your contacts. Once your contacts are in specified groups, you no longer must scroll through countless contacts to send messages. Locating your contacts using groups is beneficial as you no longer waste time finding specific people you need to send a message to. 

Grouping your phone contacts can also help with effectively sending a message in a bulk format then having to send a message individually which also does waste time. This would mean that your method of communication is effective and precise with the group that you are sending the information to. An added layer of sending group messages is that you can personalize the communication you have with that group. If the group has a common interest, it would be so straightforward to populate your communication so thatthe group of people feel like they matter. Chattr also has the functionality of uploading yourcontacts from an excel sheet oreven text filewhichmakes having the groups a much uncomplicated format to maintain. Keeping the privacy of your group is also importantfor some of your contacts. By keepingyour contacts at various levelsof privacy you can add a layer of security to your contacts. This layer of security also helps maintainthe privateness of the individuals within the group. Chattr has been implementedto ensure that your contacts groups are backed up and that theinformation remainsconfidential. 

As we get into the festive season and celebrations of the new year, we know that texting can usually bea great benefitwhen it comes to sending community communication as most peoplehave now vacated their offices to enjoy time with family and friends. One of the notable features from Chattr which you can utilize pertains to the templates it has,and which can be usedto send communication to the people within your association. The templates allowyou to structure the messages you want to different members of your circle, be it your colleagues,clientsand even family and friends. Sending text messages allows your community to receive your messages instantly which makes instantaneous communicationuncomplicated. With text having a character restriction it limits how long your text is and therefore motivates for clear and concise wording to be used. Due to the restrictions of the number of characters within a text, this helps with the low cost of sending out text messages. If you need to send out bulk messages, that can also be accomplishedwith ease as you can sign up to the preferred package within Chattrbut also top-up on the bulk texts used if you find that you have finished your current supply of bulk text. When sending text messages, you do nothave to think about if your recipient is hearing impaired, as they can still benefitfrom receiving your text. 

The amazing feature is that you can also automate your text by putting them on a schedule to be sent out at a specific time and date so that your recipients receive the messages when it best suits them. Automating text message is still an effective way of communication and with the templates in Chattr, can be personalized to individual recipients. At the end of the day, you want to make your customer feel appreciated and special and Chattr allows you to do exactly that. By sending out birthday messages, anniversary messages, and unique events reminders, this layer of customer service will help to draw your attention to how they are being treated. The spectacular feature on Chattr is that it does not require you to have data to be able send out text messages if you are connected to a network provider, the messages will be delivered. 

The multimedia benefits of communication which are available on Chattr. 

We are all exposed to email today and some of us are constantly plagued with emails that we do not want to receive. Having Chattr as an email tool can assistyou to ensure that you can use your email as a marketing tool. Using email as amarketing componentmeans that youhave your members and communitybe aware that they should be receiving emails from you. It enables you to draft automated email campaigns which can be effective as a marketing instrumentwithin your association. When sending out automated emails always make sure that your contact list has prescribed to receiving marketing material. The best way to confirm that this is the case with your recipientis to always have an option where they can rate the information received so you can know if they found the information useful or not. Today as most organizationssend their marketing materials directly to people'sdevices, makingsure that they read the material is of primary importance. Otherwise, you are sending information to people who are not even investing time in reading the material that you are offering. Whensending out automated emails you need to make sure that it does not end up in the spam folder of the recipient and therefore not serving its purpose. The details that you are sending to recipientsalways need to be informative, direct and also personal to the reader. In that manner, you willbe able to be impactful as the information would resonate with them. What Chattroffers is an awesome tool ofhow the campaign can then be tracked and you can see if it was successfulin having your recipientsreceive the information. It is always imperative to gauge whether you should continue the same path or completely change direction. 

Reports and dashboards are essential in evaluating the effectiveness details of your emails sent. The reporting aspect of Chattr would aid in know which the best form of marketing material to use. The dashboard feature also helps you put all that reporting information into a structured and readable format which you can customize to your liking. With these features at your fingertips, you are bound to be able to make Chattr a fan favorite among people who are within your community. 

The present aspects of social media its benefits to our communication

We all use some form of social media at least once within our everyday lives. Whether it’s WhatsApp or Telegram, we have become victims of the constant need to be in touch with people we work with, our families and definitely our friends. When you have Chattras a tool to communicate on social media like WhatsApp and Telegram it makes sending out messages that much effortless because they are all available on the Chattr platform. So, you can essentially send out one message using Chattr but have it broadcasted on multiple platforms. Communication in this sense can be integrated with all your social media platforms so that they are all accessible from Chattr. This will help in making sure that you can streamline the messaging being sent to your audience. Sending out one unified message via all your social media platforms can assist to build consistency across the communication that is being sent. It can also assist individuals to see that the messaging is the same across the board. It also helps to have a marketing strategy in place so that the messaging being sent out to your audience makes sense at that time. You do not want to come across as not having a thought process in place on how you need to accomplish what you set out to do. So, make sure that you collaborate your social media efforts and utilize Chattr as your guide to ensure that you reach as many people as possible. With the added features of integrating your social media pages like WhatsApp and Telegram, it can assist with the validation of your information as it will be posted across multiple social medial platforms and therefore add to the validity of information presented. 

What the future looks like when it comes to how we communicate

Communication can be described as the transmission of information. When we communicate there are always emotions involved which also motivate the reason we communicate. With those two aspects in mind, the interchange of information while having an emotional impact on an individual, where do we see the future of communication going? With more people using and having access to the internet, we can safely say that we are looking at online communication as being the core focus to enable effective communication amongst ourselves. The internet is bound to play a vital role when communication takes place. We have already started using video conferencing to communicate so maybe the future, like in most movies, is when we will integrate holograms in our communication methods. These holograms can be interactive and embedded into mobile phones or even in smart watches. Either way, for communication to move forward at the rate that it has would require innovation and leveraging the internet empowered devices that we already have at our disposal. At the core though, would be to enhance communication between individuals so that it becomes more effective. The trends we have discussed will involve the need for technology to play its part with the forward movement and trying to effectively communicate with each other. 

The need to have contact with others has been the core of all types of communications that have taken place between people. We are not immune to the need for the interaction of other humans and that is why communication has played a crucial role in how civilization has become more modern. Through communication, we can formulate and share ideas. We can note strategies and then be able to share those strategies with people with our association. How important it is to ensure that we make communication a common thing to assist with the transferring of ideas, interchange of opinions and ensure that we tell our story for the history books. None-the-less, as much as we have communicated, we do not ever seem to have enough means of being able to connect with each other.

No matter what we use to communicate we can all make sure that we are getting the most out of being in touch with people we consider to be important. For an organization you can consider that it can be its members and customers and it is fundamentally crucial that they have ongoing and rewarding relationships which could come in the form of communication. So, whether we are communicating with each other using smoke signals, stone tablets, parchment, phone, text, or even WhatsApp, communication in all its forms has played a key role in making individuals feel like part of a community. When people feel part of a community or an association, they are bound to draw from the similarities shared and project that as common.

Although we know that communication has always been a means for humans to stay in touch, communication was not always easy and often was made difficult by the times in which people found themselves in. We can therefore confirm that even though communication now has gone through an evolution,the beginnings of communications wasmuch harder to sustain,and present technology has made it even more manageable to contact each other. Communication has aided communities in stayingin touch with those you consider to be important. The future of communication is also looking exceptionally bright due to how we have carriedourselveswithin our communities and withhow we communicate today.